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Cardboard boxes

Whether you are shipping clothes, shoes, or accessories, packaging your items correctly will keep them from getting damaged in transit.


When shipping a large amount of clothing, cardboard boxes are the most efficient way to go. This type of box is rigid and can protect your clothes from damage in transit. You can buy boxes at big box stores, online marketplaces, and recycling centers. You can also find boxes for free at liquor stores and local libraries.

The most important thing to remember when packaging your clothing is to not over pack. Too much space can waste materials and increase your shipping costs. Also, you should measure your box carefully and avoid wasting boxes by packing similar sized items in the same box. If your box is too large, you may need to add extra packing materials to reduce the weight.

There are different ways to do it. You will need to choose the right box, packaging material, and method.


For lightweight items, poly mailer bags are an economical option. They are waterproof and brandable, and are inexpensive to purchase. They are also great for condensing bulky items. You can also choose a box with a magnetic lid for added security. If you are shipping a large amount of heavy items, you may want to choose corrugated mailer boxes.

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Additional Protection

You can also add additional protection to your package by wrapping your apparel in plastic. This will protect your clothing from general wear and tear and water damage. You can also use tissue paper as an additional layer of protection. These boxes protect your clothes from being crushed and are easy to re-pack. You can also customize the box to fit your needs.

Whenever you are preparing your clothing for shipping, there are several things that you will want to consider. These items include the type of packaging you will use, the materials you will need, and the type of shipping envelope you will use. Using poly mailer bags to ship clothing can be a convenient and affordable option.

Poly mailers are available at major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service. They can be used to package a wide variety of items including apparel, shoes, books, and even stationery. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can be sure to find one to fit your item.

Clothing Design

Another clothing design is one that allows people with prosthetics and amputations to easily pull the dress up from the bottom. This type of clothing may also have two zippers along the neckline. Some people with amputations and prosthetics may also need to wear clothing to prevent snagging of prosthetic limbs. These clothing designs include reinforced fabric. They also include items that are designed for people with limited fine motor skills.


These are lightweight, waterproof, and tear resistant alternatives to corrugated cardboard packaging. In addition to their benefits, they are also eco friendly. Whether you’re a retailer, or a buyer, there are many advantages to using poly mailer bags to ship clothing.