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Tagless clothes

Adaptive clothing for hypersensitivities eases the irritation and discomfort that people with sensory issues have when wearing regular clothing.


Adaptive clothing is designed to fit comfortably while still being practical. Many of the clothing items are made with soft materials that are not toxic, allowing people with hypersensitivities to wear them. Sensory-friendly clothing is made from soft materials that have nontoxic dyes, flat seams, and no tags. The products are also designed to fit comfortably and have the look and feel of regular clothing. Many of the adaptive clothing brands offer products for adults, as well as children. Leather cuffs can also be used to secure items. They can also be used to hold mara-cas. Some clothing may also feature zippers. These allow people with prosthetics and amputations to easily remove and replace clothing. Clothing designed for people with prosthetics and amputations may also be designed with hidden zippers that allow the user to access the prosthetic limb. Some clothing designs may also include zippers along the lower legs. This allows people with prosthetics and amputations to easily slide over leg casts.

ID Clothing

ID Clothing is a brand that features soft fabric, flat seams, and comfortable compartments for tracking devices. ID Clothing also features a soft and stretchy fabric for the ultimate in comfort. It also features flat seams to avoid pressure sores. These items are sold by Sears, Kohl’s, and Target.

Making the switch to organic and natural fibers for your child's clothing


Therapro clothing is also designed for people with sensory sensitivities. Therapro clothing is made with a soft cotton fabric. Therapro has a wide range of products for adults, children, and educators. Some of the products include compression shirts, comfort shirts, and compression vests.

Target has launched a line of sensory-friendly clothing for children. Sensory-friendly clothing includes no tags, flat seams, and no heels. Target also offers a line of women’s jeans with flat seams. They also feature faux buttons that give the appearance of real buttons. The clothing is also available in weight options.

They also feature a higher elastic waistband in the back to prevent the denim from slipping. Chantilly Comfort Wear is another brand that specializes in producing sensory-friendly clothing.Another option is to use a magnetic closure. This is less cumbersome than using buttons. Similarly, pressure-sensitive tape can be sewn under buttons. 

Owner and Founder

Owner and founder Chantelle Plant used her experience as a seamstress to help design sensory-friendly clothes. She also has certifications in sensory integration and sensory enrichment therapy. The population of people with sensory issues is growing every year. With more stores carrying adaptive clothing, more people will be able to find clothing that fits them comfortably. This can relieve physical limitations, improve their quality of life, and relieve stress. You can find adaptive clothing for hypersensitivities at JC Penny Adaptive, Primary, Silvert’s, and Target.

Open Style Lab

The Open Style Lab is a nonprofit organization that makes fashionable clothing for people of all abilities. It partners with companies to make products accessible. It also partners with design schools to make inclusive designs.